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Male, and single.  Backseat available.  Owns and rides a motorcycle.  Interested in females.  Looking for riding partners or friends.  Drinks socially.  Apathetic towards politics.  Lives in York, Pennsylvania  United States.  Member since August 2015.  Last online last week.

Wow, 22,700+ profiles around the globe and BoN can't manage to have at least 100 people online at any one time anymore. 10% of those being fake scam trolling profiles.
The only way to stop scams is don't send money
Soon as word spreads that the scammers ain't getting any money
They'll move on to another site
95% if the scammers are inmates men posing as hot single women!!
Is it possible? Has BoN finally settled the fuck down from the 24/7 bullshit? Fake profiles still pop up but not as intense as it once was.
Happy 2022, friends.
Created a new event: Run to the Mountain & Chili Cook-Off 2022
Starts: 5/26/2022
In: Little Orleans, Maryland
Created a new event: PA Rally on the River - 2022 Fall Rally
Starts: 9/8/2022
In: Northumberland, Pennsylvania
Created a new event: Steel Steeds Motorcycle Campground - 2022 Season
Starts: 4/15/2022
In: Milton, Pennsylvania
Created a new event: Thunder on the Mountain
Starts: 8/18/2022
In: Coudersport, Pennsylvania
It's relaxing to sign onto this site each day to see who's real, who ain't, and who's blowing off steam with angry posts instead of punching the wall.
I see yet another scammer has hacked into BON posing as an illiterate 74 year old from Philadelphia, Oregon (posted below). I've always wanted to ride to Philadelphia, Oregon from Portland, Pennsylvania thru GetTheFuckOuttaHere, Nebraska.
Created a new event: Thunder in the Valley 2022
Starts: 6/23/2022
In: Johnstown, Pennsylvania
Created a new event: East Coast Sturgis 2022
Starts: 8/3/2022
In: Little Orleans, Maryland
PA Rally on the River - 2022 Summer Rally - 10 day party
Created a new event: PA Rally on the River - 2022 Summer Rally
Starts: 6/3/2022
In: Northumberland, Pennsylvania
Gettysburg Bike Week(end) is only four days this year. Now posted as a BON Event:
Created a new event: Gettysburg Bike Weekend
Starts: 7/7/2022
In: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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