1999 Honda® GoldWing SE GL1500SE
R.I.P. Diogi ... I love you :(
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Male, 64 years old, and married.  Birthday is March 10, 1956.  Owns a 1998 Honda® GoldWing SE GL1500SE.  Looking for riding partners or friends.  Religious view is there is a GOD.  Drinks socially.  Conservative political views.  Lives in Where the riding season is 365, Florida  United States.  Member since November 2010.  Last online today.

I have been asking this for years and I will continue to ask it until I get an answer ... There are 1.6 BILLION muslims in the world. WHERE are the "peaceful muslim" public organizations, public protests, public rejection and public condemnation of atrocities committed in the name of islam .....If you don't, you either support islam or you are irrelevant. There is no radical islam. There is no moderate...See More islam. There is no peaceful islam. There is just islam.…. still waiting ...... THE SILENCE OF 1.6 BILLION VOICES HAS MADE THEIR INTENTIONS CLEAR !
If you think being a muslin sympathizer will stop them from killing you, you're a special kind of stupid!
My lifes story.
This is funny but what's even funnier is that some moron thought the sign was necessary in the first place. Dirt + water = mud. Any three year old knows that.

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