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Take me back to the good old days
4/23/2020 5:00 PM

American Pride
8/8/2020 5:00 PM

Gentleman Hugh

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Male, 60 years old, and single/divorced.  Birthday is May 20, 1960.  Owns and rides a motorcycle.  Interested in females.  Looking for friends.  Religious view is ???Looking???.  Drinks socially.  Libertarian political views.  Lives in Tucson, Arizona  United States.  Member since April 2011.  Last online last month.

Good Morning America - Land of the Free, Because of the Brave!
Has anyone heard about this yet. Is it true.VERITAS INVESTIGATION INTO VOTER FRAUD LEADS TO ARREST.

For those who say "nothing matters" this is for you.

For those in the news media who says there is no such thing as voter fraud and what we do is nothing more than an attempt to "undermine elections," TAKE A SEAT!
Why is it that we can see we can hear we can think for ourselves and with all that can see so clearly?
But these others I just can't come up with anything to compare to with without insulting it!
Ok can't compare to anything living
Something mindless
Oh yeah I remember in boot camp
And during a graduation when we were doing the March by with the rifles See More
Well the rifles didn't hit the ground right at the same time
We knew there be hell to pay
They left us standing there at attention in our dress blues
Everybody else was cleared out there we were still standing in formation at attention
When they finally showed up
We had 5 minutes to get to the barracks get in work uniform and be back information
They told us to go down by the water and find you a rock
They didn't say what rock how big of a rock
They just said get a rock
Me and I'm not stupid
I didn't get no huge rock
I didn't get no tiny rock
It turned out to be perfect
Because it was about shoulder wide not real fat so not real heavy
It turns out you had to grasp each side of your rock
And do push ups
And of course you had to yell out each one
One of the CC's made this kid who fucked up hide in the bushes and whenever someone walked by he had to jump out of the bushes and yell "I'M A DICKWEED!!!!" . Oh man was it terrific when he did it to an officer with no sense of humor!
Lots of dark humor will be needed for at least the next 4 years.
Good Morning America - Land of the Free, Because of the Brave!
is attending American Pride.

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