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Female, 28 years old, and married.  Birthday is September 27, 1986.  Rides a motorcycle.  Doesn't drink.  Lives in Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida  United States.  Member since April 2007.

Can't view anything except my profile page. Toolbar is gone. What's up? Hasn't worked for months.
How do you contact someone to help you with this site can't find where to go to contact a real person to help validate my email
I'm trying to validate my email every time I click on validate it goes back to home page and when I try to send messages it says I must validate email very frustrating
I'm trying to validate my email and am having trouble with the link that was emailed to me. I went to FAQ and dont know what to do
Need help cannot send messages need validation key but it says to many failures and is not sending me validation
Cannot get a validation key
Cannot get phone validation to work am not receiving the key
If you have not tried to log in and get this message when you do try to log in - does it mean that someone has tried to log in to your account but failed?
This validating to send messages is not working. What do I do to fix it
Hi there I hope you can help me I just joined bike or not and shortly after I got two postings on my site sayingscammer scum. Shortly after that the friends Invites which I accepted disappeared from my site I am a single Woman in Fort Lauderdale was just going through a break up and was really hoping to meet local bikers I'm wondering now if somebody has put a block on my site For some reason could you please help if you have the time thank you frustrated kind heart
My birthday is July 17 & I'd like to have it posted on the home page, thank you.
I signed up last week and I have not been able to send a message to anyone. It keeps giving me a message further validation is required. Is this an issue or how can I provide the validation required.
I'm trying to get on my old account but my email got hacked and i've forgot my password. How can i get back on?
You have completely screwed up this site........
why are my posts appearing on my profile but not on the home page feed?
I'm trying to answer a message from one of my friends but it doesn't seem to send!! Why? It sent me to a page to enter my email address & phone # to text me a validation # to enter which I did & still nothing! What's up?
I got an email saying I had a friend request from "Anna". When I logged on it said I had no friend request. At my age when a women sends you a friend request You Answer It!!!! What Do I do??????
trying to get this BON member to stop harassin g me. What do I do???
Can't post images at all. Using newest CM Browser for Androids cuz Chrome was too big. I use newest KitKat and all of that. I clear phone cache and use Clean Master app to no avail. Please help!

Help I need to delete a post (with my full name) off my profile. I tried and it's not working. HELP! Also blocked him and reported him. How did he get my name?

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