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Female, 28 years old, and married.  Birthday is September 27, 1986.  Rides a motorcycle.  Doesn't drink.  Lives in Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida  United States.  Member since April 2007.  Last online today.



Can't post images at all. Using newest CM Browser for Androids cuz Chrome was too big. I use newest KitKat and all of that. I clear phone cache and use Clean Master app to no avail. Please help!

Help I need to delete a post (with my full name) off my profile. I tried and it's not working. HELP! Also blocked him and reported him. How did he get my name?
Im getting harassed by a BON member, how do I delete him for good?? I don't want him leaving messages or anything!
I'm having trouble... it keeps telling me too many failures on verifying my account, PLEASE HELP, I got this hotty messaging me and I cant reply, this is like urgent.
I'm not getting anymore emails from this site. Why?
I'm not getting notices ,messages, or friend requests anymore. They always emailed me whenever I got something. Here is my email address : and my site name is luckylinda
I have tried to get help in the past but no luck. I can not message because it keeps telling me. Too many failures. would like some help please.
Hi, I'm back .. It's been a few years since I was last on. I'm having trouble loading a main Pic. and others things are not working like before.
I'm in need of BikerorNot page is taking me back to like 2011...I can't get it to update or whatever it is...I started this a few months ago and no matter what devise I use it is years behind...can you help me?
For some reason tonight when I try to turn my cam on in the chat room its telling me "We are unable to verify your credentials. You may need to log in again." I have tried logging out of the chat room and out of my profile multiple times and it is still stating the same thing. Is there something that I am doing wrong with it? I have never had this happen before.
my wife is trying to retrieve accesss to her account she doesnt have that e-mail or isp anymore
Hi there my name is Kelly Ryan and I am having problems replying to messages. I have put in my phone # when asked and I don't receive anything back. can you help please?
hi ive changed email address but cant find how to change in BON with thanks
cant log into chat room
I cant log in to my account which is Karlak915. Would you please help me?
I can't inbox anyone since I updated the app! Help....
How do I delete the Top Photos that are on my page when anyone clicks on it? I didn't put them there, & they have nothing to do with me. I never posted them. Sincerely, Linda Carpenter Thank you.
Happy Birthday & Thank you!!!
Happy Birthday 2 u woman hope its as wonderful as you are

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