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Female, and single/divorced.  Birthday is August 21.  Rides a motorcycle.  Looking for friends.  Religious view is Spiritual Rock 'n' Roll Witchy Woman.  Drinks socially.  Lives in Las Vegas, Nevada  United States.  Member since August 2009.



Signing off BON now. Hit me up via FB or Twitter ;)
Not all women are gold diggers... GOAL Diggers (like myself) do exist. We are the women that don't "NEED" Men, but happen to fancy being with men who are a good fun respectful time - becau$e ... we handle our own bu$ine$$!
So, Im inclined to say I will never travel to see a man ever again. I had to spend a lot of my own money to get home, and gave up alot of work to come visit Frank Ratkovich in Wauconda, who I knew 20 years ago, but who LIED abt every part of his life. Staying safe and sane in #SinCity
THIS "RISK" def not worth Taking! Lmao
Stranded in WAUCONDA, IL

So, I'm having the weirdest, most unusual unexpected weekend ever. I was invited to fly out & join friend (Frank Ratkovich, my bodyguard from the 90's) for Memorial Day Weekend at his place in Chicagoland. He bought my airfare, picked me up at Midway airport, copped an attitude with me on the way back to his place because I was hungry & wanted to stop for fast food. He completely refused. Took me to his house took my suitcase out of the van, hopped on his bike, took off hasnt come back since
Enjoyist @enjoyspecialist

Enjoy Life! Freelancer, Risk Taker, International Vagabond. Sharing Experiences, Events, Cocktails, Sports & Comedy #PleasureAddict #NotPorn
Las Vegas (frm Chicago)
Yup :)
I am going to voice my opinion whether you guys like it or not - Choosing "Widower" for your relationship status is a turn-off (unless you really are one). All it states is that you are a stubborn immature little boy that hasn't grown up and out of his emotional baggage issues yet. Thus, an ultimate turn off to me because if I can grow out of my homicidal manic tendencies, anyone can ;)
Happy birthday!
Next Week ~ Doing a shoot for
Never been so Ecstatic 2B Back in Las Vegas in my whole life!
Went down south to Corpus Christi Texas for a while... Wow! CC =Dirty Beaches, OilSpillers & BaconWrappedBullshitArtists !!!

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