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This is for all of the cowboys and cowgirls that can ride a horse and a Harley, and the people that think there's nothing sexier then and cowboy hat on and bike.

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Love my boots!
Boots in the Sand
Not sure if I belong here but I'd like to think I do!!!
Bike and Horses Central Oklahoma
I have only been riding the iron kind of horse in the past few years, but I used to go horseback riding all the time.
My precious lil mare....she's the legal drinking age now :)
You only need twist a throttle to make a machine submit and posture up your bravado. A horse accepts no pretenders. It reflects exactly who you are. I have learned more about my ability to show patience, love and earn trust then all the miles I have ever ridden on asphalt and I have rode many many a mile in my day... If a horse loves a cowboy pay attention to what that man is about ladies... Ride what moves your soul...
If someone says 8 seconds ain't a very long time to ride something bucking....then they have never had the ride of their life =)
How is everyone out there doing today
A fun night
My boy.
Best of both worlds!
Another new pasture...hoping they put on a few more pounds before the snow flies
Me and my big boy.
Made in Texas, U.S.A. :)

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