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As we all know, there are alot of drivers out there who can not drive correct, and we motorcyclst pay the price so if your with me sign up

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We are out there! <3
They always say "I didn't see the motorcycle". On the military bases across 5hthe world they have motorcycle safety day and all riders must attend. During the Q&A, my question was since all the riders already know all of this safety stuff, when you going to require the caters to take this safety day training? their response was a deer in the headlights look.
THINK! Your choice could change someone elses life forever. Pay attention- we all owe that to our fellow human beings.
Hey Bikers against Dumb Drivers fans & members, SKARD rock band ~ Check it out on YouTube
To many dumb asses here in wi.
Dumb drivers are leaving behind sobbing widows and children that need their daddy! Stop that texting, pay attention! Stop killing bikers!!!
Caused 3 bike wrecks for me and hubby. And killed a lot of our good friends too. Killed my uncle..he took me for my first ride when I was 5. This must stop. We are parents, grandparents!!!
Coffee cup on handlebars with paintballs. Gets the attention....they just think a bird shit till they try the wipers........
I'm SO tired of being run off the road by dumb ass texters!!! Get a fuckin Bluetooth and call someone if you NEED to use your phone while you drive! OR AT THE VERY LEAST, look twice for motorcycles before you do that shit!
Something to say for all the dumb drivers out there watch for bikes there are loved ones that miss their love ones that you killed
Please SHARE!
I'd love to see in my state's auto driver's manual (and other states manuals, of course) a section that educates those getting ready to get their first auto driver's permit, and take their road test, a little information (and test questions on the written portion) about the motorcyles sharing the road with them.

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