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Male, and married.  Owns a 1968 Harley-Davidson® Sportster Super H XLH and 1 other bike.  Looking for riding partners or friends.  Religious view is Adversarian.  Doesn't drink.  Lives in Canyon Country, California  United States.  Member since November 2007.  Last online last week.

First, They Came for the Bar Owners....
by William N. Grigg ·

Another snapshot of ?lovewins?-style totalitarian ?tolerance?:

Seeking to save his business he made a reasonable request that hurt the incomparably precious feelings of people identified as members of a specially protected class. So the Oregon anti-business soviet destroyed his business and confiscated all of his money.
Administrative "Law" and the Tyranny of "Tolerance"

by William N. Grigg

Law? Property rights? Equal protection? Who cares, now that ??love wins??
Of Wedding Cakes and Puritanical Collectivism

by William N. Grigg

?Lovewins? -- which means we must "lovingly" bludgeon the bigotry out of less enlightened souls, apparently.
by William N. Grigg

The ?#?BattleFlag? flew over an army that met another army in the battlefield. The Stars & Stripes plied the skies over massacres carried out in campaigns of territorial conquest, including what Sherman called the "Final Solution" to the Indian "problem." It was also the flag of the Slave-Catchers:
The Anatomy of the State
by Murray N. Rothbard
Too Good for Government "Work": The Death of a Baton Rouge Peace Officer

by William N. Grigg

Betty Smothers was a full-time cop, and part-time private security guard. She enjoyed almost perfect safety in her "day job" -- and was killed while defending a businesswoman in her more dangerous part-time job.

We are [robbed] to fund "law enforcement." If we want protection for our property we have to pay for it ourselves.
by William N. Grigg ?

#?SYLP?, Comrades. Never forget how *horrible* it was to live in Soviet Russia!Just imagine how bad the police must have been:

*A pre-teen girl dragged screaming and naked from the shower;

*A man thrown to the ground and subjected to a body cavity search in front of his handicapped mother;

*A 71-year-old woman held at gunpoint for six hours and threatened with the loss of her home...
by William N. Grigg

In early August, the Idaho POST academy will convene a two-day event to teach police how to become more effective and productive road pirates. What are we going to do about it??
by William N. Grigg

Contrary to what ?#?Blueprivilege? cultists insist, the problem isn't "disrespect for authority," but pandemic disregard for property rights. When a police officer expects you to defer to his "authority," he is making a proprietary claim -- and all property rights begin with self-ownership.

by William N. Grigg

In early August, the Idaho POST academy will convene a two-day event to teach police how to become more effective and productive road pirates. What are we going to do about it?
by William N. Grigg

Standard ?#?Blueprivilege? protocol when investigating the killing of a Mundane: Insulate the perpetrator, punish officers who testify truthfully, and promote the one who is willing to perjure himself on behalf of the Blue Tribe.
by William N. Grigg

?#?BlueLivesMatter?? Of course! ?#?BluePrivilege? dictates that in every police encounter, the "Blue Lives" are the only ones worth protecting....

..."If you're not cop, you're little people" -- numbered among the lives that don't necessarily "matter."...more...
I play sorta rhythm, playing chords arpeggio style….started out trying to learn to pick notes without knowing that is lead….could not hear what I was doing, so started playing chords, and then could hear what I do better….but the chords were so muffled that I had to play each note in a chord to ring….I now get that I am playing rhythm…all good…
thx Tee Tee
by Doug Newman

...There are no doubt numerous other injustices against veterans that I do not know about. Enough to fill a book. None of these things would have happened if America were a free society. As Kokesh puts it, “The greatest enemies to the Constitution are not to be found in the sands of some far off land but rather right here at home.”...more at link
By Jeffrey Tucker

...In times of unrest, instability, and impending upheaval, the ostentatious display of war is designed to remind the people who is boss. Nothing is more important to the state....more at link
by Nicholas Mejia

...“They,” “Them,” “Us,” these words, these collectivist ideals penetrated deep into our culture, and when these ideas climaxed we no longer saw them as human beings. They became less. They became the dark, and we became the light....more at link

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