Thursday, February 05, 2015
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Recent pics 06.13
Some pics Myrtle Bike Week 5.2013

Maggie Valley, NC
9/11/2015 6:00 AM

Maggie Valley...Salty Dog Bar & Restaurant
9/11/2015 7:00 PM

Salty Dog Saloon and REstaurant
9/12/2015 7:00 PM

Maggie Valley, NC
9/18/2015 6:00 AM

Myrtle Beach Fall Rally
9/25/2015 6:00 AM

Daytona Biketoberfest
10/15/2015 6:00 AM


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Female, and single.  Birthday is January 15.  Looking for a backseat.  Rides a motorcycle.  Interested in males.  Looking for friends or a relationship.  Religious view is Believing in God and the Great Spirit.  Drinks socially.  Lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina  United States.  Member since June 2008.  Last online today.

Ok 2 events are set up for Sept 11th and 12th at the Salty Dog Saloon and Restaurant for 7 pm....hope to see people there.
People are asking...I am setting up events on here for both Maggie Valley and for Myrtle Beach Bike week....give me a little and then check under events....
This site keeps turning my pics sideways....why????
Just spoke to you earlier tonight on 544. Looks like you guys had a good turn out.
Hey Angel whats with the Maggie Valley event pages? Do you have a connection there? Are there actual events those dates?
Its Friday....time for the safe
good evening and hope everyone is doing good...
Good Morning !!
posted a comment about LET'S CELEBRATE !!.
Hello is anyone out here???? Is anyone riding this weekend...looking for a backseat.....
Yes it's been a long time...anyone out there????? Are there any rides this weekend...need a backseat
A guys fly is open.
Women walks by and says, your garage is open.
He says, did you see my HARLEY?
She says no...all I saw was a mini bike with two flat tires.
Ok you all want meet and greets for Bike week?
Happy Thursday to week here will be coming soon
Good Morning Sweetheart !!!
May I ask a personal favor .. . Only some of you will do it, and I know possibly who some of you are .. If you know someone who had fought a battle with cancer and passed away .. Or is still fighting , ( or someone in remission)... Please add this to your status for 1 hour as mark of respect and remembrance .. I hope I was right about the people who will do it ..
off to the mountains second home...can't wait

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