DebsterSilly Girl
I love the country!!!!!!XOXO
Emilys Parade!!!!!!XOXO
My Kits!!!!!XOXO
Ride it like you stole it!!!!!!!XOXO

DebsterSilly Girl

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Female, 53 years old, and in a relationship.  Birthday is February 02, 1962.  Rides a motorcycle.  Interested in females and males.  Looking for riding partners or friends.  Religious view is Spiritual.  Drinks regularly.  Conservative political views.  Lives in Debsterville pop.4 I am the Mayor, Colorado  United States.  Member since February 2011.  Last online today.

Good Morning from our last Day in New England!!!!XOXO
Good Morning!!!!! Have a glorious Day,Sweethearts!!!!!!!XOXO
Freedom Trail!!!!!!,,,we had so much fun today!!!!!!!XOXO
my breackfast!!! Lobster roll!!!!!!XOXO
OhBoy!!! very excited!!!! Flying out tonight!!! Ya'll have a Good Morning!!!!! and a Happy weekend to come!!!!!!!XOXO
Look out MA,Sweethearts!!!,,,comin ta get Ya!!!!!!!HA!!!!!XOXO
gotta water the garden!!!!!!XOXO
Good Morning,Sweethearts!!!!! nice and cool under the fan!!!!!!!XOXO
1 cent!!!!!!XOXO
Good Morning!!!!!XOXO
Even Cowgirls get the blues!!!!!!!.....XOXO
I also Don't want to meet ,,the big tit blond that,slives,2.8 miles from me!!!!!LMAO!!!!!XOXO
I don't want to give Bon my phone number!!!!,,They wont take ,,NO!! for an answer!!!!,,,Stalking Pervert Motherfuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!HA!!!!!!!!XOXO
Happy Fathers DAY!!!!!!XOXO
OhBOY!!!! Bon changed AGAIN!!!?????,,,,now honey has to help me!!!!!!!!,,,,Fuckers!!!!!!!XOXO
beautiful night ride,,,with my Honey!!!!!,,,Heaven!!!!!!XOXO
Good Morning,Sweethearts!!!!!XOXO
Big Happy,,Good Night,Sweehearts!!!!!XOXO
8 cents!!!!!XOXO
Good Morning!!!!!,,,,I cant find matching socks!!!!!!!HA!!!!!!XOXO

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