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Male, 56 years old, and married.  Birthday is October 14, 1958.  Owns a 1998 Honda Valkyrie GL1500C and 1 other bike.  Looking for riding partners or friends.  Drinks regularly.  Lives in Driftwood, Texas  United States.  Member since November 2010.  Last online today.

Just finished up a back to school commercial. That's right…Back. To. School…seems kinda early for that kinda thing, but it was a good project regardless. Nice folks and a nice rental for my lighting company. Nothin' to do but send in the invoices now!
Busy day today…early tech scout, worked up an estimate, then did truck/equipment prep for a commercial. Headed home to fix then break the lawn mower (again) and finally a little wind therapy…really needed the wind therapy!
From early this morning…left the house before 4:00 AM to get this shot ready before sunrise. Gonna be part of a Hostess commercial!
Was thinkin' I was gonna get a little wind therapy in this afternoon, but got stuck in the office...plus, gotta get up at 3:00 AM for a sunrise shot on a commercial tomorrow morning...checkin' out early this evening...y'all be on yer best behavior!
Spent most of the day just hangin' with my son…been a pretty damn good day!
Lights. Camera action. I always wanted to say that hahaha
One for the Win Column! The boys won the Championship game this afternoon here in Elizabethtown, Kentucky! Great run and a good way to end their Spring baseball! My son was the starting pitcher and got the win pitching five of the seven innings allowing only one earned run…I'm kinda PROUD!
On the Kentucky Bourbon Trail…
My son's team is 4-1 for the tourney which gives them top seed in their bracket and a bye for today. So…what do you do on your day off while in the heart of Kentucky? Explore the Bourbon Trail, of course! (The boys want to go see a movie and rest up before the elimination rounds tomorrow.)
We're 3-1 so far this tournament here in Elizabethtown, KY. My son has had an OK tourney so far with only one batter reaching base during his time on the mound. You can see it in his eyes that he has no intention of letting another runner on base!
This has been my ride for the last week and a half. (Pretty good ride if you can get one!) Been a challenging yet fun project. Heading home today, but will only be there about 12 hours before flying out to Kentucky for my son's baseball tourney…just enough time to do laundry and re-pack my suitcase!
May Photo…didn't get a whole lot of riding in during the month of May due to crazy weather here in Central Texas, but when the clouds parted I had to go play in the wind!
Bridge Out…indeed! This is on one of my favorite routes I ride through the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Fischer Store Road bridge over the Blanco River. There's still people missing from the floods this past weekend and the area is still under a flash flood watch as I post this.
Some major flooding here in the Texas Hill Country yesterday. The clouds parted, so I took Hildr the Valkyrie out for a spin. Roads closed everywhere! More flooding expected today…take care folks!
"Spring in Texas" -- to celebrate new beginnings, it is tradition in these parts to take a photo of your loved ones in a field of bluebonnets...
happy birthday darling I hope you have a wonderful day :-) XO XO
Happy Birthday!!!!! I see that your no longer online.. Hope everything is OK!!! Ride safe my friend!!
birthday is coming up...any plans?...ride safe my friend
"That is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Neal Armstrong -- 45 years ago today!

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