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Male, 56 years old, and married.  Birthday is October 14, 1958.  Owns a 1998 Honda Valkyrie GL1500C and 1 other bike.  Looking for riding partners or friends.  Drinks regularly.  Lives in Driftwood, Texas  United States.  Member since November 2010.  Last online last week.

g'morning to u !
After finishing up in the office, running to the bank and then spending the rest of the afternoon prepping one of my lighting trucks for a DiY Network project, I rode the long way home making one important stop…yeah…Maker's Mark…mighty smooth!
Gotta get out of the office, so I can get a little wind before it gets too hot…even if it's only to the bank…what a way to spend a Saturday!
Holly Cow! Us three have known each other for nearly thirty years! We've worked side by side on everything from feature movies to rap videos and still end up giggling like little kids every time we're together. (L-R) Bobby - who has been my business partner for over 21 years, Mike who I met when we were electricians on an 80's TV movie staring Dolly Parton, and me. This pic was taken today while working on a project for the University of Texas.
Startin' to feel like summer! Triple digits on the drive home today.
Hello and thanks for the Invite :)
Making tracing paper tents to light energy drink cans…that's how I spent my Saturday!
Good Morning!
Downtown at dawn yesterday…parking was easy! Plus motorcycles park free in Austin, Texas!
Presidio La Bahia…located near Goliad, Texas…I stopped by here yesterday (Sunday) while riding home from the coast. This Spanish fort built in 1749 has historical significance rivaling that of the Alamo! Hildr the Valkyrie was mighty proud to be standing on such hallowed ground!
Earlier today on the ferry in Port Aransas, TX. Only about 450 miles round trip, but plenty of good roads and beautiful country between here and there. Family having a great time fishing, swimming and generally goofing off at the beach…meanwhile, I'm ready for another week of work back home.
Riding to the coast in a bit. Gonna meet up with my family who commandeered a condo by the beach yesterday. Takin' the long way down…
My first motorcycle... a 1972 Yamaha LT2 100. Bought it brand new when I turned 14 after working all spring and summer at my family's car dealership. I'm 16 in this photo and you can see that I had customized the bike just a little bit. The pic was taken by my mom while we were vacationing in Colorado forty years ago!
From the Back to School commercial shoot..the guy in the green shirt is my Best Boy (movie term for first assistant), the one in the white hat is the Director and the other three are clients (they write the check!). The one person working in the background (with her back to the camera) is the set dresser. We're not all work and no play!
Just finished up a back to school commercial. That's right…Back. To. School…seems kinda early for that kinda thing, but it was a good project regardless. Nice folks and a nice rental for my lighting company. Nothin' to do but send in the invoices now!
Busy day today…early tech scout, worked up an estimate, then did truck/equipment prep for a commercial. Headed home to fix then break the lawn mower (again) and finally a little wind therapy…really needed the wind therapy!
From early this morning…left the house before 4:00 AM to get this shot ready before sunrise. Gonna be part of a Hostess commercial!
Was thinkin' I was gonna get a little wind therapy in this afternoon, but got stuck in the office...plus, gotta get up at 3:00 AM for a sunrise shot on a commercial tomorrow morning...checkin' out early this evening...y'all be on yer best behavior!
Spent most of the day just hangin' with my son…been a pretty damn good day!
Lights. Camera action. I always wanted to say that hahaha

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