Wednesday, October 15, 2014


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Male, and in a relationship/complicated.  Owns a 1993 Harley-Davidson┬« Fat Boy┬« FLSTF.  Interested in females.  Religious view is christian.  Drinks socially.  Conservative political views.  Lives in po dunk, Indiana  United States.  Member since May 2010.  Last online today.

Well, if today is Humpday...then let's get humping...lol Good morning
Good morning my beautiful friends. Have a relaxing day today. xoxo
is a fan of BON Babes.
Hope you are having a good day :)
Ok, it's time for the snow to go away, take the cold with you and send Spring/Summer. The End. Good morning my beautiful friends.
Today is cold and freezing outside, time to pull out Dexter and watch the rest of season 3. Glad Game of Thrones came out with season 4...movie day for me.
About 8 inches of........snow, what were you thinking...rofl. It's cold and snowy here and I am at work, silly me. Have a fun Monday everyone. xxxo
Happy Valentine's Day to all my beautiful sweeties. Muah to all of you this sweet morning. XXXO
Hello everyone, been busy, sorry haven't been on. Hope everyone is enjoying the fun evening. Don't do anything I would do...lol
Have a fun rockin weekend!!!
Well, Jack Frost came last night and brought the Snow-man with him, ha, is that all you got???? I've seen much worse. Lived in Northern Maine for four years, now that's snow. Good Thirsty Thursday my wonderful friends.
Have a kick ass hump day! :)
Have a fun Superbowl Sunday...go Patriots...just sayin...lol
I'm not moaning yet, but it IS Monday...lol
Hang in there...we are almost there...come on weekend!!! Good Thirsty Thursday everyone.
Came in today thinking it was Wednesday already....dayam, that's not a good sign...lol
Finally the sun is shining!!!! Have a great weekend everyone
It's FRIDAY!!!! Have a fun and warm day. Ridehard xoxo
Stopped by to say Happy Humpme day...lol
Good morning and Happy MOANday.. ;) Freezing rain later, so all of you be careful.

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