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If you are looking for the real & honest woman or man, Then meet here. But beware, if you are caught that you are in a relationship with someone else while doing so then you are not being real & honest and you will be called know who you are!

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I have been single for years and have never been so ready to find the last love of my life! I raised my sons by myself and they are off being viable adults. I have lived alone for 8 years now and would love to have a good man in my life. I have a great deal to give to the right man. Where is he at? Far away from where I am I suspect or so it would seem...Gwen, in the Ozark mountains of Arkansas
I want a relationship, will always love my husband .. Why he did what he did I will never know . I want to give the love I have to someone who will give me back just as much as I give them .. Hurting over someone you can't bring back is the worst feeling in the world .. Life goes on .. As I am ready to do ..
yes...i do
Don't get scared. a relationship can be a friendship !!! relationships come in all forms
Here I am in south west Florida.
Are there any on here that are really signed on for a relationship or is it all a game / joke? not being sarcastic being serious. Honest question.
Relationships are difficult and take work. Love is an emotion we can't control but when a relationship is over, that doesn't mean the heart stops loving. But like anything it mends. BUT, you have to close that door before you could open another Having said that, you can't just slam the door as if it never existed because it did. Remember the good times, include the bad and reasons why your not together and why you can't get back together. There is someone else. I did and he's gone too. :( SUCKS
How can you find someone to love when you are still in love with someone you cant have?
I was married, and after 14 years I had to cut the strings--he developed a very bad drug habit,that led to meth use, I sometimes feel like Ill never be able to trust anyone again. That i'm pretty much done in the romance department. :(
Every person alive, no matter how sincerely selfless and altruistic they may be, is concerned in some way with their own self-interest -- if they weren't they would stop breathing and die. You can be sure that anyone with whom you come in contact is influenced to some degree by their own self-interest.
interesting statement from someone I just received hmmmmmmm
Sometimes it helps to just keep busy to try and move on and forget the hurt of someone pushing you away, and not understanding why. Honesty is so important and certainly is important in any relationship even as simple as a friendship.
Intimacy of the mind and spirit is so much more intense than the sexual being which is just the cherry ontop of it all. Intimacy emotionally is what lasts when your 80 and just want to hold hands and walk the shore.
Dear Lord, is there not anyone in NC that wants a real relationship. I love sex, I expect sex. But cant there also be communication and actually leaving the house and spending time in public together. I know i'm def not the prettiest woman in the world, average at best. But if I am not good enough to go into public with, or for u to take me on a ride. then im def not good enough to have sex with u...
Looking here in Nor-Cali-if, your looking to use someone please leave me alone.
Still.....Keeping my eye open for that, tall, loving , honest man!
Where are you?
Here in Newnan, GA looking for a riding partner, single!
Hello....Connecticut shoreline here...
looking for a big bald loveable teddy bear any in south western pa
single in bullhead city az

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