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This Fan page is dedicated to my little brother Higgins (and YES he is my biological brother). Steve was forever the optimist, ALWAYS saw the good in folks, had a smile on and his middle finger out.. Please post a memory of your time with him. PPCFLIER

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Missin you babe, the world sure could use a big dose of your crazy humor & genuine sweetness!! It's no fun down here without you :( , but me & all the sistas tryin to keep it real!
Love You Always & Forever!! <3 <3
Our toast to you! Love you baby! <3
We all got together in your honor for the 'Yankees Invade Texas' baby! Drank a toast for you, Mama T, & our other brothers & sisters we've lost. Sure missin you baby, lovin you Always & Forever! <3
Hey Higgins, not sure if many knew how you got your name but I do. You were looking for a nickname. Everyone on here was saying you reminded them of someone and when I said HIGGINS from Magnum P.I., it stuck. The first time we met was in Burleson when you invited me to come along and be an extra in the movie "Grim" being filmed in Joshua, Texas. What a GREAT day that was. R.I.P. my brother. I know you're riding all of heaven's highways. :-)))) Rick
happy st pats day higgy hope you are have a awesome one up there in heaven miss you my friend xoxoxo
missing you my sweet dear friend xoxo
2 years ago you left us, it left an emptiness, sorrow, questions of why? I'm still at the point of learning God's grace in reward, & you sure did well to deserve your wings! It brings some comfort, but my small, human self misses you dearly! Always & Forever my Love!! <3
I miss you, & know your welcoming Pops today, how wonderful it must be that you're reunited again in that beautiful place! I can't wait to see you both again, so I'll be good! I'll pray for the family's comfort, & praise God for the rewards that we can be together again! <3 <3
God, I miss you, Higgie!! I need advice, I need to talk, I need my friend who was always ready to come up to Ohio and beat somebodie's ass that hurt me. I need you, Higgie, I hope you're have a great time and save a place for me! Love you and miss you, buddy! You protect me from above and I will try to listen to your advice from down here, but I really wish you were here still! Love & miss U - xoxoxoxoxo :-*
Geezzzeee I miss you Higgy !
Thinkin bout you baby, & your sweet silly ways!! I miss you so much! I'll love you always & forever, can't wait to be with you again! You know my heart!! <3 <3
Babe the days go by, but it's still like you're just out on another run & I'm waitin for ya to come home!! I miss you so much & love you even more, can't wait to hold you again!! Always & Forever my love!! <3 <3
yup ,,,yup still missing this awesome man
YUP YUP!! Still missin you, lovin you, Always & Forever Baby!! <3 <3

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