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Dedicated to voting Obama out of office and keeping traditional American values, uniting bikers nationwide to become politically active and vote conservative. If you like my page friend me, it helps to get the word out. Thank you Mr. Breeze

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I'm still not offended. Fuck liberals!
Just think, someone will be marrying this in the future... Sheesh... Stupid fucking libs...
Thanks also to these six worthless, bought and paid for bastards!! Have fun in hell with your messiah o'homo!!
Everybody knows what's coming next don't you? Keep your kids and animals locked up and never let them alone in public!! Thanks a bunch o'homo! Great fucking 'transformation' you faggot loving, mudslime bastard!!!
We don't need to 'pass' this one to find out what's in it! We already know! Stinks like desert goat!!!
I knew the worthless, spineless bastards would betray us after we elected them!! Not one of em' s worth the powder to blow em' to hell!! We need a clean sweep from top to bottom of all elected officials and unelected beauracrats to straighten out this corrupt, thieving government!!
Hey Oblowus , if your so happy with this ruling why not come out and tell us (The Truth)how many dicks you've had in you ass ? ....
This Dolezal chick is one of the worst liar liberals walking the streets today and is indicative of the entire liberal movement. Fuck her and the rest of the libs too. This is getting just downright depressing...
I never knew that Steve Jobs was adopted. It is certainly a good thing for America that he wasn't aborted before he came into this world like so many other babies are. Over 50 million abortions since Roe v Wade. That is called genocide... And all for convenience sake.

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