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Dedicated to voting Obama out of office and keeping traditional American values, uniting bikers nationwide to become politically active and vote conservative. If you like my page friend me, it helps to get the word out. Thank you Mr. Breeze

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Memorial Day has a reason for existing other than BBQ's and beer. Please raise a toast to those that are stuck in some foreign shithole behind walls and exposed to real danger every day. Please stop by a Veteran's Cemetery this weekend and just look at the graves of those that served just to keep you free. This is about the fallen ones.
This cocksucker changed the ROE's for our troops and caused even more deaths by tying both hands behind their backs. It is so bad that many Veterans I talk to at Walmart tell me that they couldn't shoot back at someone that shot and killed some of their brothers then put the rifle down and walked away. How demoralizing is that. These men deserve to be able to protect themselves. Stupid motherfucker is killing our own troops with his stupidity & PC horseshit.
Only the blind, insane, delusional, loyal, Kool-Aid drinking, messiah worshipping followers of o'bunghole will not admit this!!
I wonder which alternative I would choose?? You know I'm jokin'......right??
One old head of the many headed hydra!! Needs to be cut off soon!
Oh!.....Another lie by the chief homo in the brown hut!! So what's new with you??
Unbelievably, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled with Google on the demand of osucksdick dto remove a low budget film highly critical of muhammod. I don't know if Google will put the film back up, but it is yet another nail in the coffin of HNIC's attempts to limit our speech. We simply cannot quit fighting tooth and nail against these fucks. This is our country, not his or the libs.
Couldn't get one of those at his bakery anyway! All of his cakes are made out of no.2!!!
That's right o'blomo you dumb ass MF'er!! You should know that!! After all, you're one of em'!
Why would they want to get rid of their loyal, and best supporter? Maybe cause he's a fag? Or he's not destroying America fast enough and completely enough for the 7th century throat cutters?
In the reality of all the progressive Kool-Aid drinkers who worship anything and everything their messiah says or does!
We know you lying dickhead!! We've heard it all before!!
Al Shitstains daughter tries to sue the taxpayers ! She's a drip off the old Cock ......And , Please , cover up those god forsaken punching bag tits , I just ate my breakfast ! ...
Yep, this is what they want to do. Ban anything that criticizes our exalted rulers. Remember, free speech is my right to give, not God's. God asks me for advice !!! Fuck these people. If they overturn Citizen's United, we are totally screwed. There will be an armed uprising not too long after that.
This is great. If it ain't true, it damn sure oughtta be !!!

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