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Dedicated to voting Obama out of office and keeping traditional American values, uniting bikers nationwide to become politically active and vote conservative. If you like my page friend me, it helps to get the word out. Thank you Mr. Breeze

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now we need bikers against Hillary page.....
Wouldn't this be nice to see !!!
Researchers go back to Obungholes birthplace to see if they can find his REAL Birth Certificate !
Nice to know that people that hate the Jews are in good company... None other than ofuckwad... I like what he says about Killary, if she is elected, America is done. I believe that too. this should put to rest that it indeed was not the Hippies that got God taken out of our lives as Thunderstixx so believes to be the case... as far as the financial collapse well that was started way back in the beginning of the last century with the signing our financial system over to the Federal Reserve which is neither Federal or has anything in far as a moral compass that's entirely on the individual we all have free will.. this is the Eisenhower most of America knows nothing about...this is what your not suppose to know....some may like the gentlemen below... do you think he'd been elected President had the public known this back when Ike was running for President...German Americans would have been out to lynch him for crimes against humanity he should have been shoot for mass murder...and never have been the President of anything...
As the Republican girl breaks up with the Dildocrat boy she says , "maybe we should both see other guys" ........
I like Ike !!! He saw this coming years ago and stopped it... If not for the stank ass hippies this country would be in a lot better position militarily, financially and morally. The problem stems from the lack of moral compass. Since they took God out of our everyday lives America has floundered. I can and will do my part to help get us back on the right track, will you or will you just sit there, whine and tell the rest of us that it doesn't do any good to fight...
keeping with Reagan's so-called 11th Commandment: 'Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.'
Vote Monica

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