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Dedicated to voting Obama out of office and keeping traditional American values, uniting bikers nationwide to become politically active and vote conservative. If you like my page friend me, it helps to get the word out. Thank you Mr. Breeze

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I gotta say a very well deserved thank you to Mr Breeze for getting rid of the rabid antisemite that took over this whole page with a couple of her moronic friends and wrecked it for the rest of us. Israel will always have its enemies, but here in the US we assisted them when they fought several wars and they have been there for us. Are their problems with our relationship? Yes, but they are a strong ally and I am glad they are.
Netanyahu and Obama, same age. Any questions?
Is the world safer under Obama? I think... not!
The real government scam ... Price fixing oil ... Does anyone remember why AT&T or Microsoft were crushed??? Monopoly and fixing the piece to use their services.... WAKE UP AMERICAMS.... THE SHIT OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS ALLOW WILL BE THE LEGACY WE LEAVE TO OUR GRANDBRATS AND THEIR OFFSPRING..... WHAT DO YOU OFF TOO AMERICAS FUTUTR???
Ovomit .... What a tool ....of ...
The new world order....
Phone and a pen.... Should be in jail with Edgar...Blagojevich.... And all the other useless Illinois polititions that allow all the midwest drug trafficking threw Cairo Illinois.... Ya right... Illinois need a rice dock on the Ohio river... Corruption even Rom Emanual sluffs off.... Do a simple Google earth on Cairo Illinois.... It's all there world to see....
It's hard to believe parents think it's ok to teach children and pray to these actions

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