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Canadian Bikers connecting Coast to Coast to Coast. If you are Canadian and own and ride your own bike then get connected to other Canadians who own and ride their own bikes. We have more in common with each other than with most other people in our lives.

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Mid Winter check up earlier in month. 8 Fridays until Spring.
Re: Charlie Hebdo. It should be painfully clear that Radical Islamic Jihadists will not be ending their cowardly fanatical ways any time soon. They will strike again somewhere soon in the very same fashion as they have been doing all along. It will not stop....until they are stopped forcibly.
December 21st. Last riding day 2014 for this fella. LOOKING FORWARD TO FIRST RIDING DAY 2015. Happy New Years to All !!
December Riding in FORT VICTORIA!
Very cool but dry with lots of sunshine here in Ontario. Its a riding day today. Sunday December 7th 2014. Today we remember Pearl Harbour 1941.
Canadian War Memorial, France
Never ever take the freedom you have for granted.
Canadian Flag on Juno Beach. Day One of the European Offensive June 6th 1944. Canadian casualties numbered 340 killed, 574 wounded and 47 taken prisoner.
Riding "BLACK BETTY" ....up until today(rain) Fort Victoria BC
I'm old but....HELLO GROUP!!! again×two+¦
I've always been proud to have a Canadian Flag on my Harley
RIP Cpl Nathan Cirillo
From Calgary, AB. Own 3 Harleys
rain go the f@#$%# away
Any riders near, Haliburton..Kawartha Lakes.. Orillia..Peterboro..Quinte areas of Ontario?
Looked through a lot of pages to find this one! Anyone in Alberta, especially near Edmonton with a back seat you'd like filled, hit me up!
Say Michelle Sent Cha ;) For All Your Motorcycle needs, Located in Oakville Ontario
Come & Join us on LETS JUST RIDE . CA FaceBook
Good morning all, we can feel a balmy -44 here in Wainwright Ab this morning. I think I will burn 8hrs of sick leave today !!

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