MN, WI,IA Singles who are truely looking

Welcome to the page this is for thoes of us who are up this way and are single and truly lookin no games will be tolerated if your lookin for a hook up move on this is for us who are truely single and looking for love.

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Mlps, Minnesota

United States


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MN, WI,IA Singles who are truely looking Join Fan Page

NW Iowa here.
just waiting for him to find me up north.
Some body could come visit me in Florida this winter.
Waiting in UP North MN. He'll find me. not looking anymore.
northeast iowa here. looking for a good woman, partner, and best friend
In Minnesota...looking for the guy that makes me Laugh and put a sparkle in my eye
hi in iowa near Omaha Nebraska area. where's my mr perfect for me
South of The Cites in Mn...looking!
waiting for him to find me :)
Ok I'm in Northern IL but that isn't far from WI or IA
South Central WI... looking for the real deal!!
Looking for that someone to grow old with and talk about all the fun stuff we did together.
hi Cant wait to find you!
Still holding out hope that there is someone!
Just checkin' in....not much activity here.!! Don't worry spring is here....ya right, I was just awakened by a

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