Women who take no crap and STAND up for THEMSELVES

If you are a woman that stands up for herself And takes no SHIT!!!!!! then this is the page for you......

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I pretty sure the tough exterior all started as a little girl, living with a father who drinks too much. It's amazing, I'm older now and find myself living with a father who STILL drinks too much...and we don't get along. The reason why we don't get along, or at least one of them, is that i refuse to let him talk down to me. I've seen it too much growing up, and he, or any other man isn't going to treat me like HE has treated my mother through the years.
Always have agood attitude ,and I love God but don't let that fool you, I am a strong women be course of my past, and even more strong with God in my life..I do not ever take disrespect of any kind ....attitude is everything..looks will fail with years..a good attitude, heart and soul doesn't ..
Proud I am a strong woman, proven true survivor! Taught my daughter and grand daughter to be strong, stand up for themselves, always. Those that KNOW ME beg me to write that book to help women be strong, read MY STORY. Worked as a writer, maybe I will write that book to inspire women to be VERY STRONG.
Have a great day
No need to put up with any ones Bull Shit.
Beware of this one ladies
exactly here's to my sisters
.. So True ..
.. LOL ..
No one else needed to stand up for me! I Do that just fine on my own!
.. True ..
Fucking right !! You can Run but you'll just die tired .
I may look sweet an innocent but don't get on my wrong side...have no problem opening a good ole can of whoop ass....I AM WOMAN I AM STRONG :)

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