Women 5'8 and Over and the Men That Love Them

Women that are over 5'8 and have longs legs to wrap around their man. What man can possibly not love em??? Walk tall and walk proud ladies.

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Love a tall woman. With me being 6'6".
Just Stoppin By To Say Hi Ladies...............Xo
5'10: long and lean!
Bringeth me a tall woman...
legs that dont stop :)~~~~
I have had my share of nasty comments from short women, but than why do they go out and buy and wear 5 inch heels?
This pic taken 7-5-14.......I'm 6' :))))
5'9, barefoot,,
Love tall women since I'm 6'5" in So. ?Cal
5'10" in FL
Love wearing heels!! 6'2
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6 ft in Nashville
I am 5 ft. 13 in. tall......... :)
Tall is great, then add the heels, lol just sayin'....
6 ft tall in Nashville
5'8" in Tennessee
6' barefooted here in Georgia! Hi "Ya'll"!
5'9 here, I grew up with all my friends 5'2 or shorter. In a group was never hard to pick me out !!!!

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