WTF do Guys REALLY want??

You say honesty, we give it and you run! You like the chase/challenge? You want us to call or not? You want to be in charge or you like some input? You wait for sex & we're playing? We give you sex and we're easy? WTF do you want?

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Honesty and Respect
Part 2: If you want a good lover then be a good lover. Half of you can't even get ur junk up or can't keep it up. If you've always been with someone that argues then maybe it's you who isn't a good communicator. If you've always been a cheater but are now finally ready to settle down well karma has a lot of pay back for you and u may end up with cheating women. You get what you give.
Part 1: This page made me laugh. Before you say what you want in a woman fix yourself. You attract what you are. You can't be an old ugly fat dude living on SSI and think you're going to get a young rich Barbie. Or even somebody that's ok with living broke. Confidence, ambition and intelligence go a long way. About half of the dudes on here are on SSI for one reason or the other. And of the ones that aren't on it half of those are married lmao.
......and let's not forget.......
So true...........
HI People ! well let me say this 2 all woman that Fake The big Orgasm ask urself this most men fake being sick becuse we want 2 feel special & 2C how far u will go 2 take care of us so the next time u might think we`re sick maybe we R or maybe we`re not all big guys R little boys inside don`t blame him blame is mother ! HA ! HA ! HA ! enjoy ur day {:>)
Ok ladies .... guys want a woman that's loyal as there dog.... honest with them in every way. ... makes them feel like they are the greatest man on earth. ... a woman that makes him feel like he is the greatest lover she's ever had.... is comfortable enough to be sexy around him .... is a sexy lady in public and uninhibited in the bedroom .... lmao
l think guy's want a women who will lov them alway's,someone who will stand next to them though good time's and bad,will be beside them at all time's,understand their need's and take care of their need's.
A Lady on the Street's and a Freak Under the Sheets.....(But only my Sheets) Not Others....
, Me! Hahaaaa just kidding
Yes, please tell.....
a freak that I can trust
ok guy's what do u want?
Just an observation. I think figuring out women is much more complicated. Just sayin'.
Someone who will put me first, as I do them. Not judge me or constantly critiques me but accepts me and trusts me. As I do them. Openly and rationally shares their concerns wants and needs as I do with them. Its is give and take treat me as I want to be treated and treat me as I am treating you. If that cant make it work out perhaps it is time to move along. Not everyone has someone other than themselves always and thats ok. I dont want a woman who needs a man to validate herself.I want a partner,
I don't know about what guys want, I only know what I want.
to work hard and see what I have done works.
good food, and I will make myself if no one else can.
sunshine hittin my shoulders, breathing the air of the mountains or off shore breeze.
in a woman well that's different.
guys want it all......a best a slutty a partner in crime...and be appreciated for being the man they are....and the pay off is amazing with the right man....
Someone who will accept me for who I am and help me through the hard Times and enjoy the good Times with me and be my best friend. Think about what you really want from a best friend? That's what will make you happy
Be true to yourself and never take Any BullsH!+ And you'll be ok.
A good sense of humor is also a plus..
Intelligence too.
Any woman who can show strength and Integrity , Yet still be Sexy is OK in my book. But Always Be Real.
its simple what we want.................but a good sammich is a great start

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