WTF do Guys REALLY want??

You say honesty, we give it and you run! You like the chase/challenge? You want us to call or not? You want to be in charge or you like some input? You wait for sex & we're playing? We give you sex and we're easy? WTF do you want?

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someone to love and trust
i just want to be loved ! : P
most of the time itz just easier to feed the bitch
its amazing to me how many people get there rocks off by insulting others makes you walk away shaking your head sayin what the fuck hahahahha
a good honest women with morals, no real mental issues a job and car and no crazy exs :)
a good honest women with a job , car no mental issues and a good set set of morals would nice oh yes must not be married :)
(Part 3) Rememer, there are still good men and women around who will rock your world NOT destroy it!
(Part 2) the hardest things to do is to forgive others for what they have done to you, even harder to forgive yourself for allowing them to do what they did. To forgive does not mean you are stupid or invite more of the same... It simply means that you acknowledge what has happen, forgave them then by removing the person from your life, you are saying you are the better person and SMART enough NOT to allow more of the same behavior....
(Part 1) Wow! I've been a fan of this page and just recently took the time to read the many posts. At my age I've come to realize that there are good men and bad men as well as good women and bad women. If you choose to live a scandelous lifestyle you will attract more of the same "into" your life. If you choose to make others "pay" for what your ex did to you, you will also attract more negativity into your life...
Pineapple upside down cake would be nice... just sayin...
you know women are funny creatures, they want love and to be treated like a queen. then when you do that and they walk all over ya....give me a woman who wants a fifties lifestyle
woman with a real job,[not s.s.i] not livin with their mommy,daddy,kids,or grandkids
When we tell you , believe is. Please don't say that not what you really meant. Don't try to change us. I have had them fall in love or so they say. Then day you need to change this or that. If you fell in love with me the way I am, why would I need to change? Open communication between both. Good luck and God Bless us, everyone
i women who can bring something to the relationship to match what im wiling too and leave the negitive behind i dont need a lot of naked pics of a women to tell if shes a keeper guys and gals both need to say no to losers
for women to stop coming on here and showing everybody there naked bodies, then write 2 paragraphs on how shitty guys are and they are all losers etc, yet they are letting everyone see their goods.. Show if you want, its hot, but there is kick back from sharing with everyone on the world wide web... just saying.
I just want someone to except me as I am. To love me in spite of me.
LOL even when they say they know what they want there are some that are good at lying to themselves and to others in the relationship ... after a while you are gonna have to choose between your own sanity and what feels right sometimes.

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