WTF do Guys REALLY want??

You say honesty, we give it and you run! You like the chase/challenge? You want us to call or not? You want to be in charge or you like some input? You wait for sex & we're playing? We give you sex and we're easy? WTF do you want?

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continued. be sexual. and faithful. I'm not a monk. you don't be a none. understsnd. I have friends b4 you came in my,life so guess what I'm keeping them we are going out. don't be jealous. with come with me or until I give you reason not to trust my ass to be faithful. you be faithful. go out with your friends. don't set me up with play dates with your friends man. I can make friends on my own. have common sense and use it. and know when not to saying. you can chew my head off in private
what I want in a woman. be sexy. 7 out 10 times that doesn't mean your looks. don't be a drama.queen. don't search it out. don't attract it. learn from mistakes. it didn't work the first 150 times it ain't going to work now. don't try to change me. I am what i am. be my partner. walk beside me. listen. if I'm telling you what to do its cause I know. I'll be listening to you. be a woman not a you high schookgirl self.tell me wtf you want I'm a man I don't read between the lines. continue
Love is like your garden. You have to tend it..( give attention& share) for it to have to get dirty & " weed" it..( throw out jealousy/ control issues) on a regular have to walk hand in hand....not " push,drag or lead...and count blessings daily..( to have someones " love & trust" ) is a priceless gift...when treated with L&R, it will grow for a lifetime....
I have no idea ....... being patient tho .
I wish I knew... cause I obviously got it wrong, lol.
A man falls in love with a woman for what she is. A woman falls in love with a man for what she thinks she can make out of him.
Just a great woman.
DILLIGAF! I'll know when he finds me! End of story.
Why do we always have to want something?
Glad I discovered this page! Love these comments and debates. Always more to learn from each other.
I'll tell you! I need a friend frist - a true friend - thats hard to find - then there has to be passion - without it and friendship - sex is just a 3 letter word, but with the above sex becomes making love! Thats real thats it - sounds simple - but we are human! Never give up!
Peaceful existance...= No drama...everyone makes mistakes...leave yesterday in the is not a repeat of yesterday, unless you make it is a must tend it must give it the time to make it must weed out all the negativity...for it to flourish...( this takes Two) must respect that each has individual interests and give space( without jealousy)....thats the short course....ride safe...
A real man wants a porn star in the bedroom, of course. But even a great fuck relationship can only go for so long. At some point, and for me, its pretty soon, u have to talk to that person and establish some kind of bond/relationship, whatever that agreement is. OF COURSE I'm going to need a woman I'm sexually attracted to. But what ends up making her the hottest is a chick that's fucking real, and tells u what she wants and where u stand. And once she loves u is a ride or die kind of bitch. Now THATS hot!
I know exactly what I want, but were you ever really close but the GIRL is afraid to move forward? Yeah, some of THEM are afraid of commitment too.
Question for the ladies, You have been seeing a guy for a few months. He finally invites you to his house. He lives 2 1/2 hrs away. Tells you to be there at 2 then makes you wait in your car for 2 hours. How long does this relationship last? BTW the two of you leave and you don't go inside.
i personally know wat i want its a long life with the right person
For me a gal that attracts me, someone that I click with (conversation), is good-hearted, has it semi-together in her life, has similar sexual interests and doesn't live too far away. Most think sex is foremost in our minds but not always. If everything else is there the sex should be good too.
Romance novels ruin relationships for women (that guy doesn't exist) just like porn ruins sex for men (neither does she)
yeah, that just about covers it .....

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