Sturgis 75th Anniversary

Houston, Texas 77099 (map)
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This will be the 75th anniversary of Sturgis in 2015. I was there for the 50th and looking to make the ride in 2015 for this one. So come one come all -- I am starting to plan now so to make reservations. Not sure yet whether we are going to camp or how just yet but will give up new details as I put things together. Looking for others who might want to help plan and organize. Looking for all who want to ride as well. We will need a chase truck with a trailer to handle an bikes that might break down along the way. I am also looking to have everyone pitch in minimun amout to supply the trailer with parts and such for that just in case. Looking for responses. Be well all and know you are in my thoughts & prayers everyday....Everyone....Also looking for any sponors who might want to help.
lickalicious1961 FFF Sisterhood

lickalicious1961 FFF Sisterhood Anyone going from CT hauling bikes?

January 1


Evielicious. God willing I will be there with my NJ biker family!!

March 24, 2013


HD FU nice I think Chelle will be riding with y'all if I two wheel it lol

March 12, 2012


LakotaLady We have a trailer that will hold up to 4 bikes. Enclosed on all 4 sides with pull out ramps.

March 10, 2012

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