BikerDown Dinner Platte River Grill

5995 S Santa Fe Dr, Littleton, CO
Lakewood, Colorado 80226 (map)
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Phone: 720-328-9795
I would like to invite you to our dinner we are having in Denver at the Platte River Grill on March 22nd at 6:30. (pdf attached) I could als use your help spreading the word. is a non-profit organization Created by bikers, dealers, and supporters to help riders that have been hurt in an accident. With your support, volunteerism BikerDown will build on this collective group of volunteers and meet with injured riders immediately after the accident to evaluate their needs.

Join We have 2 speakers scheduled for that evening. Jackie Mohr, Executive Director, DRIVE SMART will be attending to give riders information about a new program coming to the Denver area; and we will have another speaker discussing accident scene management programs available thru Bikerdown. Don’t know what either of these programs are? Come find out. BikerDown takes a proactive approach to riding and we promise that this will be an informative meeting. Fellow Riders - For dinner, laughs and a wealth of information about this amazing organization. Come find out how we intend to help a Rider who are injured in an accident.

Who is Invited? All motorcycle enthusiasts are encouraged To attend. Reps from dealerships, repair shops Restaurant, chapters and club are encouraged to Attend.

I can be reached by cell phone at 303-641-7937 or at our office at 720-328-9795.!/events/362357660461575/

Thank you
Laurie Easton
President & Founder
303-641-7937 Cell
(888) BikerDown (Emerg. Only)

If you go down, we step UP!


Helen Will do my best to make it. Having my car worked on.

March 22, 2012

Deviant DarlingMrs Velocity58

Deviant DarlingMrs Velocity58 Work cancelled, so I will be there.

March 22, 2012


Doc1840 I would be there but I have to work tonight.

March 22, 2012

TwinSpirit SpiritCapturePhotography

TwinSpirit SpiritCapturePhotography plan to be there. hopefully two of us..

March 20, 2012

Deviant DarlingMrs Velocity58

Deviant DarlingMrs Velocity58 I am planning on attending, but just depends on work.

March 20, 2012

Leenie B. aka Buzz

Leenie B. aka Buzz Something has come up, sorry Laurie, I can't make it.

March 20, 2012


Sparkie I would love to come but I work Thursday nights :o(

March 13, 2012

Spunkie Harley Girl

Spunkie Harley Girl I'll try to make it that night.

March 8, 2012

Laurie Easton

Laurie Easton How do you spread the word on here about this event? I am good at Facebook but no BON

March 8, 2012

that bikerguy

that bikerguy you have to either pay bon to send out a mass invite, or you have to go through your friends list and send individual invites........

March 8, 2012

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