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Getting tired of all the idiots out there on 2 wheels who don't have a clue how to behave in public, or drive. I've had most of these common-sense rules violated in front of me the past week, I'm fed up. Not gonna take it anymore... You stupid, rude morons that think being biker means you can trample all over others, better wake up fast, or things can happen...bad things... Those of you who know better, can add your own rules on here...

RULE #1: If it's not YOUR bike, don't sit on it, or set anything down on top of it !!! That includes your lice-infested helmet, or the ass you haven't wiped for 2 days.
Rule #2: Keep your dirty paws off my patch or my colors, my bike, my beer, and my woman !
Rule #3: Don't ask for my woman's phone number, AT ALL, whether in front of me or on the other side of the bar! You know damn well you saw her come in with me.
Rule #4: If you bump into me, more than a little, be quick with an apology.
Rule #5: Tip the waitresses and bartenders, or stay home. And DON'T steal their tips! Stealing is stealing, they work hard for those tips.
Rule #6: If you're a 1%'er, wearing a patch, live up to the dignity of the brotherhood, don't go starting fights in a bar. Why do you think the bars are banning colors? I'm tired of being confronted by punks that think a 3-piece patch makes them more of a man than the low-life ignorant piss-ant they really are, for starting a fight over stupid shit.
Road Rule #1: Don't cut into the middle of a pack of riders for ANY REASON ! If merging from or onto the freeway, slow down, and fall in behind.
Road Rule #2: Don't pass me in my own lane! Not only is it illegal, I might accidentally stick out a boot and send you into the woods!
Road Rule #3: If you don't know me, don't pull up beside me at a stoplight. I will automatically think you're up to no good, and will react.
MyOWNBratWorth it

MyOWNBratWorth it Respect a female biker as well. Don't disrespect her relationship with her ol man. No his back seats not open even if I'm riding peg to peg unless i agree. Dont talk to my man as if he's available if the conversation you have with him can't be said in front of me you better not let me catch you trying to have it with my man. My Man is off limits just like i am and my bike or back seat is. I see a lot of woman that call them selves sisters disrespect other sisters this way. Never let a fellow rider fall to

October 9, 2014


Kiki One Saturday I was on my way to the store, saw a biker on the side of the road, went straight instead of turning. Stop and asked if,"he needed any help", he answered " yes thank you "I am out of gas, you're an angle, no one had even bother to stop and help". Off I went, got a gas can and gas for him, took it to him.. Thank me.. Tried to pay, as you know wasn't that much" I just told him" do it for someone else and we are even." Off he went... I felt so wonderful

August 14, 2010


Drummer Mostly Knowledge and Some Etiquette Rider since 77, we’ve all been in the Groove in the Road, Strange Feeling Right, Same Feeling with a Low Tire,,,Flat Tire Soon to Be, Let Off the Throttle, (No Brakes) Very Important!!! Pull Over ASAP as Safely as Possible, Then Hope an Old School Biker Like Me Comes Along! Second and God Forbid You Ever Need this Knowledge, When You Find Yourself in the Need to Lay Your Bike Down, Get on Rear Brake Hard, Then Lock Up the Front Brake and Turn the Handle Bars to the

August 14, 2010


Commander Somewhere in Iowa I pulled off to the side of the road to cell my buddies that I was riding with. The road was crowned when I put the kick-stand down and got off the big (nearly 1000 lb Victory Vision), all of a sudden the bike fell on its side. Before the bike hit the ground, two bikers in a pick-up pulled over and helped me get the bike back up. That's what bikers do. Anytime I see another biker (metric or American) on the side of the road, I'll pull over and offer assistance. That's what we do.

August 13, 2010


southerngtrman Blondie 1068. I know and have ridden with several ladies who ride their own bikes. I show them the same respect I would show any man. The Sex of the rider means nothing to me. That fact that they are out in the breeze, they deserve to be treated as an equal. ShadowBill old school isn't dead, it just needs a transfusion. Old school needs to mentor "new school" on how they need to conduct themselves. What the hell is he deal with some of the riders I have encountered lately, not being courteous

August 13, 2010

Pam722 and Bikertrash

Pam722 and Bikertrash this should be required reading when you join the site!!!

August 4, 2010

Cherokee D

Cherokee D rule number 2 shoulda been rule # 1

August 3, 2010


BigWhite Don't ask to ride my bike I won't ask to ride your old lady, Just RESPECT the RULES OF THE ROAD simple enough , at meets or runs do not act as your are a tough guy or be a Dick you will only get your ass kicked, DO NOT PARK YOUR RICE BURNER IN THE MIDDLE OF 25 HARLEY'S , Don't call me Brother if i don't know you , you need to Earn that Respect, if you own a Honda do not weld on Harley drag pipes or put Harley Emblems on it to make it look like a Harley IT WILL NEVER BE,just learn the rules keep your mouth

August 2, 2010


yrbigdaddy Love this page, hell I think I saw a guy with the price tag still on the jacket and had an attitude to match the new clothes, how many HD tees do you have, I got one from 1982. Still wear it and it's the only thing I own beside my harleys that says Harley. Bikers, haaaaa. Colors and clothes never made you a biker either, maybe someones bitch, it's the love and respect of a brotherhood with no boundries but loyalty and honor to what you believe in, the rest is a show and I don't do shows, I make them.

August 2, 2010

Crazy Larry

Crazy Larry I totally agree with damn near everything written here.I must say that respect is earned and should not be freely given.Just because you spent 18 large on a new bike 450 on a new leather jacket and you ride from bar to bar does not mean you have the right to demand respect.Let me see that new bike in a drivin rain wit you riding it not on a fuckin trailer, that new jacket so fuckin wet it weighs 100 pounds, yer balls soaked until them fuckers feel like they are gone for good.Then maybe just maybe I might

August 2, 2010

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