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Saturday, September 12


Starting Location:
8890 No. Rt 47
Morris, Illinois 60450 (map)
Ending Location
(19 miles)
Marseilles, Illinois 61341
On June 19th, 2004 The Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial was dedicated commemorating the servicemen and women who have lost their lives in worldwide conflicts since 1979. This is the first time in the history of the United States that a memorial has been erected while the conflict is on going. The names on this Wall Memorial represent our fallen heroes from such diverse locations as Panama, Lebanon Barrack Bombings, the Balkans, Grenada, Somalia, Haiti, USS Cole Bombings, USS Stark, terrorist attacks in Italy, Greece, Scotland, and the current conflicts in the Middle East.

The Illinois Motorcycle Freedom Run is an annual bike run always on the 3rd Saturday of June. Motorcycle enthusiasts, families, Military personal, from all States, come together for a bike run to Marseilles, Illinois where a Memorial Ceremony is held in honor our fallen heroes that have died fighting to preserve our freedoms & to read off the names of our newly fallen HEROES who's names were recently added to The Wall.

You can help by:
1) Log on to & make a donation
2) Organize a Group ride to this event. ( Email us so we can create an event on BON/Facebook so others can join)
~~~~and most importantly~~~~~
3) Help us find our Gold Star families!
Their children are our Nations HEROES! In your travels TELL someone about this Wall Memorial..the 1st ever in the Nation's history... built 100% by bikers and volunteers! The 1st time ever, to erect a Memorial WHILE the conflict is still current. Hold a bike run in your town & raise 'money' to send these parents here! Their wives/husbands..their children. WE will take care of them once they get here..but we need your help.

Pray for peace. Remember our fallen. God Bless.
Thank you
Carla ~~~~ The History of The Illinois Freedom Run ~~~~~~~>>
Dago Donna

Dago Donna Looking for a backseat. I'm in Lockport IL but could meet up

June 20, 2014


bikerjim Where is Old Town Pub ????

June 15, 2014


Italngentlmn This is a Great Ride

June 12, 2014


MidStarChicago what time is everyone meeting at old towne???

June 10, 2014

Campfire Chris

Campfire Chris have a great ride! sure wish I could come home for this!

June 8, 2014


Janine Looking for a back seat!

June 8, 2014


CARLA Many of the Bon peeps will be meeting at Old Town Pub and riding together. We will have 2 ladies from Bon who both lost their son in this war riding with us. If youre a single lady looking for a ride on the run your best bet would be to drive to old town to go on the the run and end up back at your vehicle.Its ALOT to ask someone to pick you up and get you home when this is a pretty big day and lots of miles in between. If anyone has any questions then please email me..if youre a lady looking or a guy

May 27, 2014


j.cuervo i'll be there to show my respect and support!!!! class 75-76 army be there!!!

May 25, 2014


shortie Love to but need a back seat :)

May 5, 2014

Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial

Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial The route will include scenic backroads, not whats shown on the map!

May 5, 2014

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